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70% of first mile logistics in Europe is carried out by trucks and every third truck on road is running empty. Since most of the first mile logistics is controlled by suppliers, there is very little room for innovation.

Shypper is about to change this! We are working with retailers, e-commerce companies and FMCG companies to take back their supply chain controls and make way for innovation in First mile logistics. Our one stop digital platform will automate logistics planning, consolidate loads and transport them on trains in long haul and electric fleet in the first and final leg of transportation.

A Modern logistics platform

One stop platform

Unlock the full potential of your business with Shypper, the ultimate logistics partner. Say goodbye to the complexities of transporting goods across Europe, managing container shipments from Asia, or handling high-value air cargo. With Shypper, you can effortlessly book any mode of transportation directly from our cutting-edge platform.

Automated First mile logistics

Elevate your logistics game with Shypper ALPS. Seamlessly integrate our advanced platform with your existing ERP solution and experience the power of automation. Watch as Shypper fetches data from your purchase orders and sales orders, enabling proactive logistics planning and efficient execution.


Choose Shypper and join us in creating a sustainable tomorrow. Together, we can make each shipment count and pave the way for a brighter, more eco-conscious future. Start your sustainability journey with Shypper today and let's make a positive impact together.


Unlock Cost Savings with Shypper

Europe's Most Affordable Logistics Solution, Guaranteed to Be 15% Cheaper Than Legacy Carriers.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Experience Unparalleled Logistics Flexibility and Efficiency with Shypper, Your Key to Streamlined Operations and Unmatched Planning Success.


ALPS by Shypper will reduce carbon footprint by 90%.


Track shipments in real times and update ETA’s directly to WMS platforms.

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